Monday, November 23, 2015

Snowman Candy Dish

I saw this really cute snowman come across my Facebook newsfeed over the weekend and thought... I have everything laying around to make one, why not?

So I dug out some old projects that were incomplete and decided to turn it into something cute and useful =)

I had started to make a Halloween candy dish a couple years ago but never finished it.  

I hate painting with a brush as it leaves streaks behind, so I used my eBrush Siphon kit to paint the terra cotta pot white.   

I though it would be hard to hide the orange and black, but it only took two quick coats and it's completely covered.  

I then decided to paint the bottom rim blue to match the hat (lid).  The little ball on top was sanded down to sit flush on the lid.  It got a couple coats of white, then lightly airbrushed it with the blue metallic paint.  Around the brim of the hat I used some Glistening Snow-Tex with white paint to create the fluffy texture of a hat.

The snowman's face was a clear candle holder from the Dollar Tree.  I sandblasted it to give it the frosted look.  

I found a cute little snowman face online and traced that in SCAL and cut it using masking vinyl.  

I applied it to the jar and used my eBrush and Sharpies to color the eyes and nose.

Tied a cute ribbon for a scarf and added a few buttons.  Now it just needs some candy =)

Supplies used:
Martha Stewart Pearl Acrylic Paint (Aquarium)
Vintage White Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Glistening Sow-Tex Glittering Snow
E-6000 Glue
Terra Cotta Pot and base
Glass candle holder
eBrush and Siphon Adapter
Sharpie Markers
White Enamel Elements
Peanuts Ribbon
Wood ball

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